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Materials & Care

All of our pieces are carefully crafted to walk the line between fashion and fine jewelry to offer our clients a high quality alternative to high priced accessories.

That means our pieces are 18K gold plated, rhodium plated, or sterling silver plated over a solid brass core delivering strength and durability. Even our earring posts are all sterling silver which is the best way to guarantee that our pieces are hypoallergenic.

These materials are tested and proven to stand up to everything that life can throw at you. So you don’t have to worry that your piece will turn green from a little water or rust because you like getting caught in the rain!


All of our pieces include a solid brass core. Brass, we know it doesn’t sound flashy, but it’s definitely an all star. It’s durable, easy to work with, and of course, it helps that it has the color and luster of gold without the inflated prices.

Sterling Silver

All of the silver we use is 925 sterling silver. That means it is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver is one of our favorite materials for two reasons. First, it looks beautiful and second, it is durable. That means your piece is an investment that can last.

Rhodium Plate

Rhodium plates many of our pieces and became a material of choice because of everything that makes it special. We love the color, but we especially love its durability. This means your piece is ready to tag along wherever you may go!

18k Gold Plate

18k gold is composed of 75% gold, which is combined with other metals to make it strong enough for everyday wear. Of course, you cannot beat the luster and shine you see in a gold piece, but to give it its durability, we use it to plate the brass cores of our pieces so you get the same look of fine jewelry at a fraction of the cost.